This week I have been thinking about ‘wedding season‘ as it would have been three months last year till my wedding.

There have been a number of our clients that PL (pre-lockdown) were building up to the biggest day of their lives- their weddings.

I got married last summer, and around May time was when it all became very real, and I can’t imagine how devastating it must feel to have everything postponed.

We had to place our wedding back one year, and at the time it felt like the worst thing ever, but actually once the decision is made (or made for you), taking a step back and realise what marriage is all about, and focus in on enjoying the experience and the day is integral.

Aesthetic Wedding Preparation

Every client is different! Below is an insight into what treatment I opted for.

If you’re at all unsure about anything, what would suit you or any concerns not raised below make sure you contact us to arrange a consultation.

What skin treatment would you recommend before my wedding?
  • Micro-needling with PRP

This medical grade treatment penetrates the deeper layer of the skin with thousands of tiny micro channels to stimulate the body’s own repair process. The use of PRP (platelet rich plasma) increases the efficacy of this treatment.

Good for:

  • Skin Irregularities
  • Scarring – Especially Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

How soon before my wedding should I have micro-needling with PRP?

Microneedling and PRP therapy can take a little while to show results with sever cases of scarring or pigmentation. So we reccommend 12 weeks prior.

What facial aesthetic treatment would you recommend before my wedding?

  • Tear trough augmentation

Getting married can be stressful! I found that my sleep was affected, as well as exercising more, I began to look tired!

Tear trough treatment made me look more awake, alert and bright. (Also the lights from the camera can be a little unforgiving later in the day) . I was so pleased with the results and they have lasted for 9 months!

Good For:

  • Loss of volume around the eyes
  • Can help with dark circles under the eyes.

How soon before my wedding should I have tear trough augmentation?

  • We recommend at least 6 weeks prior to wedding.

What one other treatment would you recommend before my wedding?

  • Treatment for Excessive Sweating

My wedding was on August the 10th, and i was really worried about getting super warm, wearing a heavy dress and lots of general running around and getting sweaty. Not so angelic….

I had toxin treatment in my underarms to combat this, and honestly, I was so so pleased with the results! Not a drop of sweat from my underarms! It was amazing, and lasted for about 6 months after treatment.

Good For:

  • Sweating under armpits
  • Sweating on palms of hands

How soon before my wedding should I have tear trough augmentation?

  • We recommend at least 3 weeks prior to wedding.

*Prescription only treatment.

We hope that if you have had to have your wedding rescheduled, you’re remaining positive. To help along the way, sign up below for an exclusive ‘Lockdown Wedding’ Discount.

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