COVID19 Safety

The safety of our clients is paramount at Ametrine Aesthetics

We have put together a easy to follow guide for what to expect when you book you appointment with us.

Before Your Appointment

  • You will receive a text the day before your appointment to run though a consultation form. This will include treatment history, medical history and treatment desires and goals.
  • In the consultation there will be a COVID19 risk assessment form, this specifies the risk level you present for having treatment.
  • The consultation is designed to be straightforward and easy to understand, however if you’re not sure about anything or wish to contact us directly either click on the button below and drop us a message, or arrange for a digital consultation!

Your Appointment

  • We are now located at Studio IX, Floor 5 Sunco House, Carliol Square, NE1 6UF. There are five flights of stairs to get up, so take your time!
  • If you have a face mask, please wear this to your appointment.
  • Please come alone to your appointment.
  • Please wear no make up for your appointment.
  • Please pay for your treatment in advance by bank transfer or by card. We cannot accept cash.
  • The toilets are not for public use, so make sure you go before your appointment!
  • Please arrive for your appointment on time, if you are early, you will be asked to wait outside. This is to limit the risk of cross transmission of COVID19.
  • When you arrive on floor 5, press the buzzer for studio 9, and we will come and get you.
  • You will be asked to hand sanitise on arrival.
  • Expect a follow up message 14 days after treatment to check on you.

COVID 19 Vaccine

Make sure you follow the following guidance to avoid complications after treatment.

  • Vaccine 2 weeks prior to dermal filler
  • Vaccine 3 weeks after dermal filler
  • Vaccine 1 week before or after toxin treatments
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