“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel

Why did I shave my head?

I have wanted to shave my head since Christmas. I was inspired by meeting one of my clients who was rocking a shaved head. My hair previously was very damaged by bleach and heat damage, I had cut it to a lob, and dyed it peach, but for me it was still really damaged. I yearned for a shaven head!

It was my thirtieth birthday at the end of March, and I finally made the decision to shave. I figured, if I couldnt shave my head when turning thirty and in #lockdown2020, when could I?


  • Would I have a weird shape head?
  • Would I look like a boy?
  • What about my grey hairs?
  • Would I get cold ears?
  • How long would my hair take to grow back?

At the point where the shavers were approaching my scalp, all the reservations vanished, I no longer cared what people thought. I was shaving my head for me.

I loved it.

Immediate Findings:

  • My head shape is fairly round.
  • My ears feel cold.

What have I found since?

It has been one month since I dared the shave. I have found the following since.

1/Aesthetics: Having more bone structure on show, It’s made me thankful for my facial aesthetics.

  • Cheek and Tear Trough: These treatments give me more confidence in my appearance, I feel I look more alert and my cheek enhancement gives me lift and definition and provides soft tissue support for my tear troughs.
  • Lip Enhancement: My lips were last treated in July last year (!). They have kept their shape and definition, and for me, lips are a part of my appearance that I like to maintain to give me confidence.
  • My Nose: My non surgical rhinoplasty was the best treatment I have ever had. I have always hated my nose, I hated to hump in the middle, downward facing nose tip and the size! I could not believe the difference, and such a small amount of filler needed!
  • Wrinkle Smoothing: I also had my own wrinkle smoothing treatments at the beginning of March. I have had toxin treatment to treat three areas on my forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines and under my nose to top the tip from pulling down when smiling.

2/Skin Care: My face feels more open and ‘on show’ so I have taken a step with upping my skincare regime. Here are my three favourite products.

  • Squalene Cleanser The Ordinary: Beautiful cleanser removes all traces of make up, and squalene infiltrates the pores and emulsifies sebum which can lead to breakouts.

  • AHA and BHA Peel The Ordinary: Once a week I lie in the bath and put this on. AHAs penetrate the top layers of the skin and exfoliate to reveal radiance, and BHA goes deeper into the skin to clear the pores.

  • Mineral SPF The Ordinary: SPF, wait what? We’re living inside? SPF should be worn every 👏🏻 day👏🏻. The UV rays from the sun have UVA and UVB. UVA is pumped out all year long, and gets through windows! UV is one of the main leading causes of ageing, protect and prevent!

3/ I don’t care what people think: This is generally my motto anyway, but as a woman I think we are under a lot of pressure sometimes to be a certain way. Hair plays a huge role in this. Hair is often considered a symbol of sexuality and beauty. The act of shaving it all off, as a woman, is very exposing. However, I perhaps would feel more judged if #lockdown had ended. As a dentist

What will I do after lockdown?

Don’t get me wrong, I love entirely natural face, no make up and no cares. However, as a practicing dentist, I do feel a pressure to ‘be’ a certain way in a professional arena. When meeting patients for the first time, there is an element of judgement within the first few seconds, this is not a generalisation, this is just what I feel having been treating patients since 2008. So in light of this and all things beauty the following are what I will be doing, once #lockdown is over.

  • 1ml Lip Enhancement – Top up the shape, volume and definition.
  • Micro-needling– Improvement in skin texture and address areas of open pores.
  • Lashes: My vice! I love not having to wear mascara, as I am normally very badly behaved with make-up removal. I visit Monroe Beauty for lashes and a therapy session too.

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