Profhilo treatment is an injectable treatment for skin that causes the body to create collagen and elastin within the dermis to improve texture, radiance and lift.


Pricing for profhilo treatments all includes a free consultation.

Initial treatment: Profhilo treatment is initally treated over a 4 week span. This is to ensure that the body can create collagen and elastin for maximum results. First treatment is provided and then the following treatment is provided after 4 weeks.

Further treatment: This treatment is provided once every 6 – 9 months to maintain and boost the collagen levels in the skin.

Please contact us regarding any questions regarding treatment and we will be happy to arrange a consultation.

Initial Treatment£500
Further Treatment£275

Procedure time

30 Minutes


Initial Treatment: 6 weeks

Follow up treatment: 2 weeks


Not Required


Makeup: 24 hours

Gym: 48 Hours

Back to work: Straight away

Frequently Asked Questions

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