Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement is a fantastically popular treatment. Dr Elder is passionate about making the most beautiful lips bespoke to each client. Careful analysis of the face is key to lip design, and guidance from Dr Elder regarding shape and volume follows with stunning results.
Dr Elder utilises local anaesthetic- either a dental block or topical anaesthetic, a smooth hyaluronic acid product is injected into the shape and volume of lips. This will result in naturally fuller, plumper lips.


Pricing for lip enhancement treatments all include a free consultation.

Please contact us regarding any questions regarding treatment planning for lip enhancement and we will be happy to arrange a consultation


Lip Enhancement

This treatment builds volume, definition, shape and beauty into the lips.

Procedure Time

60 Minutes


Seen: Immediately. Swollen Initially, then will settle after 24 Hours

Last for: 6-18 months


Dental Block: Full Numbness. Lasts about 1-3 hours

Topical Cream: Less numb, but comfortable.


Make up: 24 Hours

Gym: 48 Hours

Back to Work: Next Day

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lip Enhancement?

Lip enhancement is commonly referred to as lip fillers. This treatment uses hyaluronic acid, and is injected into the border and body of the lip. This results in lips with more volume, shape and definition.

How much do lip fillers cost?
  • 0.5ml £180
  • 1ml £220
What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the body, because it is the body’s own supply of hydration, artificial hyaluronic acid adds to this, creating moisture and attracting more hydration to the area. Different products used have a different molecular structure of hyaluronic acid, this can make the product thicker or more vicious. In lips, it is important to consider product choice. For more information regarding hyaluronic acid, click here.

What products are used for lip fillers?

At Ametrine we use a range of products for each client individually.
We use the following brands:
– Teoxane
– Juvederm
– Restylene
– Revolax
– Belotero
After careful examination of your lips and concerns, the best possible product will be used for the best possible results.

Does getting lip fillers hurt?

The lips have lots of very sensitive nerve endings, and it is important that the treatment is as pain-free as possible. There are differing options for this.
Dental Block: As Dr Elder is a dentist, she can provide dental blocks for treatment. This involves some numbing gel on the inside of the lips, and then dental anaesthetic is placed in these sites. This means that the whole mouth area is totally numb throughout treatment.
Numbing Cream: A medical anaesthetic cream is applied to the lip area and left on for 30 min. The benefits of this option is that the numbness does not last as long, however there can still be some sensation.

How long does a dental block last?

Usually this will last for 1-3 hours. Make sure during this time you avoid having anything to eat, or hot drinks as you can damage your lips without realising.

How long do lip fillers last?

The lips are highly vascular and move a lot with speaking, smiling and eating, so generally the lip fillers last less time than other filler treatments. Generally lip fillers will last from 6- 18 months.

What happens in my lip filler appointment?

1- Consultation– this is to ensure that this treatment is suitable for you. Your medical and social history will be discussed in order to create a treatment plan. Photographs will also be taken for medical records to record the results of the treatment, don’t worry these don’t go anywhere! We may ask you if you’re happy to use some photographs for marketing purposes. If you’re not happy for them to be shared, just let us know!
2Cleaning: Making sure the skin is free from any bacteria is essential to a safe and infection free treatment. Your skin will be cleaned with a specialised disinfectant. It is useful, therefore to not wear make up to your appointment.
3 Anaesthetic: Either the topical anesthethetic is applied to the lips or a dental block is given.
4- Injection of filler: Careful injections into the surrounding areas of the lips, and then the volume. Initially any asymmetry is corrected, and then full shape and volume is created.
5- Postoperative Photographs: So we can show you before and after pictures of your lovely lips!
6/ Postoperative instructions
: see below.

What should I do before my lip filler appointment?

Before the treatment, avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E and fish oil supplements. These may increase bleeding and bruising. However, you can take paracetamol if needed.
If you are taking any prescribed medication, including aspirin, do not stop taking it – consult your practitioner or your GP first.
Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before your treatment, and after as this also increases the risk of bruising.
Make sure you have something to eat prior to the appointment as if you’re numb you may struggle afterwards.

What should I do after my lip filler appointment?

Don’t touch! To reduce the risk of infection, keep those fingers away for at least 6 hours.
Don’t Rub! You might feel that your lips feel a little bit lumpy straight after treatment, leave them alone! If you feel that after 10 days the lumps are still present, give them a little massage with some arnica gel. If the lumps still remain, or you are concerned contact us.
Don’t get hot! Gym? Not for 24 hours. Sunbed? Never again, it’s the main cause of skin cancer, but if you insist, leave it for 2 weeks. Using a sunbed also reduces the longevity of lip fillers.
No Makeup! For at least 24 hours. The tiny little points where the filler is injected can get infected. If you must wear make-up, wear mineral make-up instead.

Will my lips bruise and swell after lip fillers?

Initially your lips may be quite swollen and red, this may increase over the first 24 hours, however swelling should subside after 1-10 days.

How can I reduce the swelling after lip fillers?

There are some things you can do to help reduce the amount of swelling and bruising after lip fillers.
Arnica Tablets: Arnica montana, or arnica, is an herb widely used for pain and bruising. This is because it contains compounds that are known to have an anti-inflammatory effect that can be absorbed through the skin. Research shows that when taken 3 days before and after treatment can dramatically help reduce the swelling and bruising associated with lip fillers. Click here to buy.
Arnica Gel: Similar to the above arnica gel can be applied to the lips after about 6 hours after treatment, This will cool and soothe the lips, and also help to reduce the swelling. Click here to buy.
Pineapple: Bromelain is a mixture of enzymes found in the pineapple plant. These enzymes may have anti-inflammatory properties and help reduce bruising and swelling when applied to the skin, and when eaten.
Avoid activities increasing blood pressure: Going to the gym, or getting too warm can increase the amount of blood supply to the lips, and therefore can increase the amount of bruising you may experience.
No Ibuprofen: Aspirin or ibuprofen can increase the amount of blood to the lips, and therefore increase the amount of swelling and bruising experienced.

Will I look ducky after my lip fillers?

It is the number one aim of treatment to make sure that any treatment provided is as in fitting with the individual’s natural beauty. For some individuals this will be slight enhancement, and for others this will be much more volume and shape.
Regardless, we will not provide treatment to make you look ‘fake’ or unnatural.

Are lip fillers permanent?

No, the product used in filler is hyaluronic acid and is dissolved by the body over time.

What are the risks of lip fillers?

•  Redness
•  Swelling
•  Bruising
•  Allergic reaction
•  Infection
•  Discolouration
•  Itching 
•  Pain 
Uncommon Risks – 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 100
•  Nodules
•  Abscess
•  Granuloma
•  Cyst
•  Acne form like lesions
•  Unsatisfactory result
Rare Risks – 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000
•  Necrosis leading to a permanent scar 

What medical conditions stop me from getting lip fillers?

over 18 year old from receiving filler treatment. However it is important to mention to Dr Elder during consultation of you suffer or have suffered from the following:
-You have any blood disorders
-You are taking any medications which affect blood clotting
-You are taking any medicines, especially beta blockers.
-You have any psychological concerns

Can you get lip fillers when pregnant or breast feeding?


How old do you have to be for lip fillers?

Over 18 years old

What happens if I think I need a lip filler top up?

At Ametrine, we are passionate about creating beautiful results that all our clients are happy with. We operate a ‘less is more’ approach, especially when we are treating clients for the first time. If you are unhappy with any aspects of treatment make sure you contact us straight away so we can review you and treatment plan so that you are happy with your results!

Top ups are charged at £80 per 0.5ml and £100 per 1ml.

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