Fat Dissolving

Fat dissolving or injection lypolysis is a treatment to reduce stubborn fat deposits that won’t budge with weight-loss. Typically these are present in the cheeks, and under the chin. In addition, this treatment can be used for dissolving pockets of fat on the body too.

Fat Dissolving For Face

Injection Lipolysis uses an enzyme that breaks down stubborn fat cells. This works by causing the cell wall to disintegrate and the fatty cell contents to be taken away by the body’s immune system. This treatment can be useful to treat areas of the double chin and cheek fat. It is also hugely beneficial to use alongside facial contouring.

Fat Dissolving For Body

The same treatment can be used on the body for dissolving specific areas of stubborn fat buildup. This is not a weight loss tool and it is important that if you are losing weight, you make sure you’re a 70% of your optimum weight loss prior to treatment. Areas that can be treated include arms, saddlebags, lower abdomen, beneath breasts, inner thighs and back.

The powers of Facial contouring and Fat-dissolving

Fat-dissolving and dermal filler come hand in hand so we have created some bespoke packages for you to get the most out of your treatments. As deso treatment is normally treated under the chin, adding dermal filler to the Jaw and Chin area will create a perfectly defined and refined lower face.

3ml Package: This includes lower face fat dissolving and 2-3 areas of dermal filler.

4ml Package: This includes lower face fat dissolving and 2-3 areas of dermal filler.


All prices include a free consultation.

Initial treatment requires 2-3 treatments 4 weeks apart.

Fat-dissolving on the face, in combination with facial contouring needs to be performed prior to any dermal filler treatment.

Fat-dissolving on the body may require more than one vial of product, therefore at assessment approximation of vial numbers will be discussed.

Fat Dissolving Face: Per Treatment£250£200 
Fat Dissolving Body: Per Treatment/ Per Vial£250£200 
3ml Facial Contouring and Fat-dissolving package
4ml Facial Contouring and Fat-dissolving package


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