Fat Dissolving

Fat dissolving or injection lypolysis is a treatment to reduce stubborn fat deposits that won’t budge with weight-loss. Typically these are present in the cheeks, and under the chin. In addition, this treatment can be used for dissolving pockets of fat on the body too.


All prices include a free consultation.

Initial treatment requires 2-3 treatments 4 weeks apart.

Fat dissolving on the face, in combination with facial contouring needs to be performed prior to any dermal filler treatment.

Fat dissolving on body may require more than one vial of product, therefore at assessment approximation of vial numbers will be discussed.

Fat Dissolving Face: Per Treatment£250
Fat Dissolving Body: Per Treatment/ Per Vial£250

Fat Dissolving For Face

Injection Lypolysis uses an enzyme that breaks down stubborn fat cells. This works by causing the cell wall to disintegrate and the fatty cell contents to be taken away by the body’s immune system. This treatment can be useful to treat areas of the double chin and cheek fat. It is also hugely beneficial to use alongside facial contouring.

Fat Dissolving For Body

The same treatment can be used on the body for dissolving specific areas of stubborn fat build up. This is not a weight loss tool and it is important that if you are loosing weight, you make sure you’re a 70% of your optimum weight-loss prior to treatment. Areas that can be treated include: arms, saddlebags, lower abdomen, beneath breasts, inner thighs and back.

Procedure time

30 Minutes


Initial treatment: 4 weeks

Lasts for:

18 months – 2 years


2-4 Treatments




Shower: 24 hours

Gym: 48 Hours

Swelling: 48 hours: will need compression on area

Back to work: Straight away

Frequently Asked Questions

Fat dissolving injections or injection lypolysis uses an enzyme called deoxycholate which is found in the product we use called Deso. This enzyme works by causing the fat cells to essentially break down and the immune system to take away the fatty deposits that are left.

This method can be used in the face and the body for stubborn fat reduction

Through accurate assessment of the tissues and appropriate treatment, yes. You will require at least two appointments to achieve results, and in more widespread cases occasionally four or five.

When assessing pockets of fatty tissue it is important to treat progressively. As the enzyme initially works to break up the fatty cells, it takes up to four weeks for the immune system to take away all the deposits. If too much product is put in initially this can lead to complications. Therefore our approach is to be as progressive as possible to ensure that once the fatty cells have been removed we can see how much is left to re dissolve.

Injection lypolyis is used in the following way:

  • Cannula: An initial entry point placed beyond the identified fatty deposit and the enzyme is gently deposited within the body of the fat tissues
  • Body Cannula: For the body as slightly different instrument is used to slide through the larger spaces of the fat deposits in the body.

  1. Consultation: We will discuss your main areas of concern, carry out a detailed medical history and take some photographs. For more information regarding consultations click here.
  2. Cleanse: We will cleanse the area with a simple cleanser to remove any bacteria. We recommend you shower and don’t wear makeup for your appointment
  3. Skin Marking: The area of treatment is marked on the skin using a white pencil.
  4. Sterilise the skin: A antibacterial clean of the skin to remove any bacteria.
  5. Application of product: the product is mixed with lidocaine and injected into the skin
  6. Clean: a gentle clean with cleanser
  7. Aftercare: See below.
  • Reduction in fatty deposits in tissue
  • Aids facial contouring
  • Removed stubborn fat form areas that do not respond to weightloss
  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Short lasting pinkness or redness
  • Allergy
  • Temporary blood sugar decrease

Uncommon risks

  • Injury to a nerve or muscle
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness/ fainting
  • Hair Loss in the area of treatment.
  • Loss of tissue vitality (necrosis)

The initial point for cannula entry can be slightly uncomfortable, however when the product is placed in the tissues, the local anesthetic works exeptionally well. In treatment on the body, this can be a little more uncomfortable however it is reported scale of pain at 5/10.

Don’t touch! Make sure that when cleaning skin your hands are clean to prevent any risk of infection. We encourage massage of the area after 24 hours to encourage distribution of product within the tissues.
Compression! The area treated can swell up to 50% more, this is because the product causes a reaction in the skin which both produces heat (exothermic) and physically is causing the fat cells to essentially explode. It is therefore important to keep the area compressed with compression clothing or a face strap.

Arnica! Arnica is a natural product that can be used to reduce bruising and swelling. This can be bought online here.

Hydrate! The more water you drink the more effetely the fat deposits will be removed from your body.

Healthy Lifestyle! Making sure you’re eating healthy balanced meals and maintaining weight will ensure that no additional fatty deposits will build in the areas of concern.

With good compression of the area and gentle massage on day two, the swelling will last around 48 – 72 hours.

As the stubborn fat deposits are broken down chemically there is no way of these coming back with weight maintenance.

There will not be an immediate result, however, with initial therapy of 2-5 treatments in the first 4-6 weeks, your would start to see results after 4 weeks.

We advise initially at least two appointments, however you may require up to five.

You should not have Fat Dissolving if you have any of the following concerns:

  • Skin diseases: Skin cancer, Porphyria, dermatological conditions affecting the facial skin
  • Blood disorders: platelet abnormalities, anticoagulation therapy (eg warfarin)
  • Diabetes

You should make us aware if any of the following apply to you:

  • Sepsis
  • Haemodynamic Instability
  • Chronic Liver Disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Acute or Chronic diseases

Also, let us know if you have taken any of the following in the 14 days prior to treatment as they can cause a blood-thinning effect:

  • Vitamin E
  • Fish oil supplements

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