We take great pride in making treatment provided to our clients totally bespoke. With this in mind a good consultation not only takes into account client’s desires and wishes, but balances the with practical and honest advice to create the best version of themselves.


Consultations are always free.

We offer face to face consultations at our clinics, or digital consultations to discuss treatment.

We take a £10 deposit to secure the appointment which is either refunded or taken from the balance of any treatment you decide to go ahead with.

Please note any prescription only treatments i.e muscle relaxing treatments or prescriptive skin care must be face to face.

Digital Consultation

Consultations are carried out via zoom. Please book online and you will be emailed the Zoom link on the day of the consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a face to face consultation for ‘botox’?
Why do I need to pay a deposit if a consultation is free?
I don’t want my photographs on social media!
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