Tear Troughs: For Self Love

Tear troughs, also known as under-eye hollows, are depressions that develop under the eyes due to a loss of volume in the surrounding tissue. This loss of volume can be caused by aging, genetics, or lifestyle factors like lack of sleep or stress. The appearance of tear troughs can make individuals look tired or aged,Continue reading “Tear Troughs: For Self Love”

Lip Enhancement: A Journey.

I was 24 when I first stepped into the world of facial aesthetics. When working as a foundation dentist, my principal practiced facial aesthetics alongside dentistry and I asked for lip fillers. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect or the process, but I did know I wanted to build my upper lipContinue reading “Lip Enhancement: A Journey.”

Ageing On your Own Terms

Skincare and Anti-Ageing  As we age the epidermis layer of our skin starts to thin. This can cause discolouration from trauma to the skin such as blemishes, sun damage and windburn. The elastin fibres in our skin also start to weaken with age, and collagen production decreases. This causes sagging, fine lines and wrinkles withinContinue reading “Ageing On your Own Terms”

Botox and Filler, they’re all the same….right?

Short answer, no! In the media the term botox is a term used to refer to aesthetic treatment. For example “She’s got her lips fuuuull of botox”. In reality this would be a huge mistake. Let me explain. Botox Treatment Botox, botulinum toxin or toxin treatments are not all made equal. Botox is a brandContinue reading “Botox and Filler, they’re all the same….right?”